Sunday, February 12, 2012

My first YouTube with the Accuquilt Cutters

Finally finished the DVD and YouTube video to include with catalogues for interested people who want to know more about the Accuquilt Cutters in Australia.. so friends, have look, and share if you wish. Of course Edward played the music in the background, and I hope it makes it a bit less boring... actuially only boring if you use an Accuquilt Cutter a lot and know all this stuff!
I often hear from people that they have seen the Cutters advertised in magazines here, but don't know how they cut... so here it is! :) My First YouTube presentation

Now, this is where I ask you.. what is missing? How do you like the presentation etc. Of course, me... it the "during the diet" me, so I hope you will see a lot less of me in my next Video!


  1. Norma, that is a fabulous video and you look gorgeous! Be kind to yourself girl.

    1. Thanks Ondrea, Like I was saying to the ladies at St Arnaus, it is my "before" video... I just have to hope that I am not bigger next year! lol

  2. That's a good video. Easy to listen to and understand and the demos were great!

  3. Great job Norma. So well explained and you've given me some good ideas ;)