Monday, May 31, 2010

Home from Tasmania

Got home from 3 months travelling everywhere around Tasmania a few weeks ago, but we've been flat out since!
We had 2 other motorhomes stop at our place and so have been communal cooking ever since. Last Saturday my partner Edward turned 60, we had a party and since then I have had time to myself. So I've been doing my new BOM designed by Rose Johnson, In Pop's Garden.

The reason I even knew about this BOM is strange in itself... we were having problems with starting the generator on the motorhome, the solar wasn't getting enough sun, so we stopped at Exeter. This was purely by chance as we noticed the Stihl dealership and decided that they would have the parts needed! So Edward stopped on the main road, while I waited in the bus. Then I noticed a shop on the other side of the road called "Calico Crossroads"!! Now, having a big bus/motorhome means that it is difficult to stop at Patchwork shops so I ventured out to have a look. Lo and behold I spotted some fabrics I really will need one day and saw a very nice quilt hanging from the roof (the shop is an American Barn shape). I spoke to Pauline, the owner and she told me about the BOM, and showed me the colours of the quilt that will be used. Lovely, so my two cocker spaniels (sitting patiently in the bus) bought me an early Mothers Day present. The ironic thing is, I did a market there in Exeter when we first arrived in Tasmania 2 months earlier, and didn't even see the shop.
I have pieced the first block together, and started the stitchery last night. I'll post a pic as soon as I finish it.