Monday, September 21, 2009

Looks like I am doing not much at all at the moment, but I have so many UFO's to take photos of in the next week, so will do so, then I'll have a bigger blog. I have made a few things for my advent swapo on the forum, but can't take photos and publish them until after Christmas. Forgot to take a photo of my table runner I have already swapped so I am making another!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Had a visit from Iris Joy from the forum today, who came with her husband. We had a lovely time chatting and comparing notes about our craft work. My goodness, can't the men talk? Mine anyway! lol.

So here is a photo of Iris Joy and myself. You can see why I am on a diet. I am the short one!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peg Doll Swap

Here is the full photo of my peg doll that went to Quilt'n'Sandy. Happily she has now arrived at her new home.
She had a head transplant as her original head was too small to paint a face on, hopeless for make-up! So her original head was "lathed" down to a stump, and the new bead glued in place. We then drilled a fine hole through the shoulder area, and placed the pipe cleaner arms.
Her hair isn't really dread-locks, but chenille yarn, poked into the hole on the top of the wooden bead that became her new head, and glued with PVA. Her scarf is made from tatting cotton.
I called her Peggy Sue, until I finished her. I think she looks like a Maureen, rather Irish in that dark green.
I think she looks like she is about to go ice skating huh?
She is standing in front of a painting I did of the property at the corner of Bungower and Mooruduc Highway in Mornington, as is the family in the photo below.