Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peg Doll Swap

Here is the full photo of my peg doll that went to Quilt'n'Sandy. Happily she has now arrived at her new home.
She had a head transplant as her original head was too small to paint a face on, hopeless for make-up! So her original head was "lathed" down to a stump, and the new bead glued in place. We then drilled a fine hole through the shoulder area, and placed the pipe cleaner arms.
Her hair isn't really dread-locks, but chenille yarn, poked into the hole on the top of the wooden bead that became her new head, and glued with PVA. Her scarf is made from tatting cotton.
I called her Peggy Sue, until I finished her. I think she looks like a Maureen, rather Irish in that dark green.
I think she looks like she is about to go ice skating huh?
She is standing in front of a painting I did of the property at the corner of Bungower and Mooruduc Highway in Mornington, as is the family in the photo below.


  1. Yes she does look like a Maureen and she is gorgeous !

  2. These are so cute and have seen lots of them on the blogs but yours is so real. Interesting these peg dolls as I have not seen any of those pegs around in our country.