Friday, January 28, 2011

Last night I finished off my first ever pieced quilt. I have about 4 that I have started, but have gotten to the borders and just ran of inspiration. One is for our own bed, and it needs about 300 2' sqaures cut to make up a diamond like border, now I've got the Accuquilt cutter I will do it as soon as I get time!
This one is made with the Tumbler Die on the Accuquilt GO! Baby, with the 2" strip cutter...but really I didn't need to use that, just a few cuts. Cut in 15 minutes, sewing time about 2 hours, quilting time (free motion) 2 hours total...(had a few breaks to top up the "relaxing" glass of wine) 4 hours later, completely finished. Even I am surprised. I watched a U-Tube video on free motion quilting in the morning, and the lady there said to remember to relax the shoulders, even have a glass of wine! So I waited for a reasonable hour to have a tipple...after 4pm... and boy, did that help!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I haven't done this before so copied it into Word, then into Paint Shop...then here. Otherwise we'd be waiting days for this. There were 38 comments.. and number 15 came up first!

Here it is, and now off to find out who the winner is.... so another post coming up!
Now there are two winners

OK... I checked, and it is the aptly named Lucky. I made a boo boo a few minutes ago and counted down my blog wrong!! Sorry Suzi, I'll send you a second prize!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

More stuff for the giveaway!

Next addition to the giveaway... 2 spools of King Tut threads, 1 skein of Cottage Garden Thread and a ???? You can't see the colours on my website yet, I will spend all day tomorrow putting them on the website.... Same with the Cottage Garden threads.
The Cottage Garden Threads are being hand dyed so I expect them to arrive in a week or least before the draw for the winner!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My First Giveaway....

Well...after much humming and haaing I have decided on my first one ever!

I want to let you all win, and in the next week or so I will add even more things to my giveaway.... For now, it will be a Tissue box cover made and designed by yours truly and straight from my new website So, to have one shot at winning, go on over to my website and then come back here and tell me which of the designs you would like to win.

Being very new at building a website, I don't mind if you can also include useful criticism... how difficult it was to find your way around etc. I can take is an ongoing process, it has been part of my life for a few months now. There is more stock to put in.... King Tut Threads on the way from the US as we type, and Cottage Garden Threads right from here in Victoria on the way also! So I won't be far from the computer and can fix up problems.

Also, while you're there, please have a look at the Accuquilt GO! Cutters. I am the cheapest genuine retailer in Australia. The only one I have found with a few dollars less, could not guarantee the price will remain steady as the stock has yet to be sent from the USA manufacturer. I have already paid the customs, taxes etc, and the stock is now taking over my living room!

Now, a second chance to win the Tissue Box and a mystery prize yet to be determined...but watch this space.... become a follower of my blog, pop back in and tell me. The usual giveaway. If you don't have a blog.. well, I don't want you to miss out, just pop into my blog on the website, leave a comment on one of the videos featured. Then of course you can pop back and tell me that too. There are no comments on there yet!

If you want three chances...well, do all three things, of course you will have to leave three comments and I will use the Random Number generator to determine a winner from all entries. I don't mind if you are overseas, just please make sure I can contact you if you win! I'll do the draw on the 27th January, so tell you friends.

I will make the tissue box for the winner and send it out within a few days of the draw. With the MYSTERY PRIZE/S as well of course.

So good luck... :)

The stock arrived!

I have taken possession of my stock today. It took 2 days from Accuquilt in Nebraska to get to Melbourne, then spent 4 days sitting in a shed at the couriers in our town! He wanted just a few extra dollars to drive another 23kms! So we drove in and got it all.
Then I spent the rest of the day finishing putting the stock on my website at ! It is so exciting to finally pick up and look at the Accuquilt Cutters that I've read so much about after I started to look for something that would allow me to make quilt for my Grandkids without the pain of cutting fabric.
Isn't the BabyGO! Tote just lovely? It has a lime green lining and heaps of pockets!

I am still waiting for some threads to come in, and will be posting them on the web as well, but I am so excited about the Accuquilt I have decided to have a giveaway.........but I'm not too sure what! So, after many sleepless nights and a massive learning curve building the website, being online in the dead of night.........I will sleep on it..and put something up here tomorrow!