Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The stock arrived!

I have taken possession of my stock today. It took 2 days from Accuquilt in Nebraska to get to Melbourne, then spent 4 days sitting in a shed at the couriers in our town! He wanted just a few extra dollars to drive another 23kms! So we drove in and got it all.
Then I spent the rest of the day finishing putting the stock on my website at http://www.craftandquilting.com.au/ ! It is so exciting to finally pick up and look at the Accuquilt Cutters that I've read so much about after I started to look for something that would allow me to make quilt for my Grandkids without the pain of cutting fabric.
Isn't the BabyGO! Tote just lovely? It has a lime green lining and heaps of pockets!

I am still waiting for some threads to come in, and will be posting them on the web as well, but I am so excited about the Accuquilt I have decided to have a giveaway.........but I'm not too sure what! So, after many sleepless nights and a massive learning curve building the website, being online in the dead of night.........I will sleep on it..and put something up here tomorrow!

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