Sunday, January 9, 2011

More stuff for the giveaway!

Next addition to the giveaway... 2 spools of King Tut threads, 1 skein of Cottage Garden Thread and a ???? You can't see the colours on my website yet, I will spend all day tomorrow putting them on the website.... Same with the Cottage Garden threads.
The Cottage Garden Threads are being hand dyed so I expect them to arrive in a week or least before the draw for the winner!


  1. Hi Norma, just had a look at the King Tut threads on your website. They are gorgeous!!!!!! :)

  2. They look even better in person (?) Sandy, and I've just put the last of them on the website. Phew, what a job! I just waiting for the Cottage Garden Threads and some stitcheries..then I should be about set! And hopefully out of stock! lol