Monday, March 14, 2011

I have mentioned to a few ladies that I have been so busy in the last month, with my website, getting ready to go interstate next month where we are having a trade stall at a motorhome rally, and trying to get up to date with my swaps and the lovely BOM In Pops Garden. I received the last parcel from the BOM the other day, (thanks Pauline), and now in a few weeks hope to find the time to finish off the last few blocks and put it all together.
The most pressing thing is though, the quilt I have been putting together for my Step-daughter and her husband. High-school sweethearts, they married last week after 6 years. I have shown them the quilt., and they love it!
I made it using the
Accuquilt GO!'s Wedding Ring dies (its a 2 die set) and it only took me a few hours to cut out most of the fabric, but not having a pattern I made up the last few blocks as I got closer to sewing them all. The colours are black and white, their favourite, with a slash of the bright pink that was in their bridesmaid dresses, flowers and invitations. I made a pattern to evenb out the edge and corners as my partner, the bride's Dad, didn't like the circle shapes! Anyway, it allowed me a bit of freedom to add more borders until it was the size needed.
I will hand quilt it, so showed it to the couple a few days before the wedding. They got something else from us as a gift, this is a keepsake.
The back was done like this as I ddn't have a big enough peice of fabric, yet had enough scraps to something a bit different. I hand embroidered a label a few days before. Now to finish it and get on with other things.


  1. Oh that quilt is stunning, I like how you have done the 2 pink rings, very symbolic and the back is lovely also, like 2 quilts in one. Beautiful job.

  2. Gorgeous quilt and best wishes to the happy couple

  3. So beautiful. That splash of pink really makes it pop. Gorgeous.