Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here are a few other things I have been making to keep myself busy, until now when our craft market season begins in earnest!
The bags I made as gifts for my partners daughter-in-law, but it appears the 2 year old daughter of the family has claimed both bags as hers!

The frog bag I made for my partners daughter...she loves frogs, and going to the beach in summer, so I hope it can double as a beach bag.
I made the angel as something to make while watching telly on a cold night, the scissors sit in the back of her...the notebook covers are also hand stitched. I have lots of other things that I have made, but can't show yet as they are going to be gifts in the future.

My next thing to go up here? There is a quilt in one of the rooms that I have to finish the border of, so that will be my next post here, without the border.....that way I will hurry up and show you all the finished quilt, with the border!


  1. The bags look great and no wonder the little one claimed them :) The journal covers look really good too :) You have done lots. Hugs Vicki

  2. Lovely bags. I would claim them too. You have been busy.

  3. Gorgeous things Norma . Looks like you'll be making more bags !

  4. You do such beautiful work, Norma. No wonder your stuff sells so well at the markets!!!! Bags are lovely , also the notebook covers and I LOOOVE the Angel. :-)

  5. Love the bags. You have been soooo busy. I would love some of that frog fabric, will have to go to a quilt shop soon to find some. Its so cute, my grandson loves frogs real live frogs.