Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bagsket in Yellow Gold

Made this for a gift for a friends birthday. I hope she liked it. It has pockets on the inside and the pattern was from a blog found at
Just make sure that after you have used a rather stiff interfacing, you don't sew the entire bottom part of the bag, leave a gap near the main seam. Then you can adjust the size to fit the base correctly. Of course, then adjust the top drawstring part as well. I didn't sew the inside and the drawstring together either before putting it in, ( I did actually, then unpicked) as it was easier to fit and looked better.
I have another cut out ready to sew!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link! This is on my HUGE to do list! lol

    I also want to say I came across your helpful hint on re-attaching applique paper to it's backing sheet. So wonderful of you to pass this along. This problem was making me tear my hair out!! I thought it was me not storing the paper correctly or not using it up fast enough. lol