Monday, October 11, 2010

Will post some photos here in the next few days. I have to finish off a few one-piece cot quilts for my daughter and her sister-in-law. Both are due to have their next babies within days of each other, at the beginning of November, and are both wanting to finish off the babies rooms. Also I am making a couple of Nappy Hangers in matching fabric. As I say, photos to follow!
I am using the Jungle Baby fabric by Patty Reed, which is the same as I made for my daughter's first baby, but the animals are in a different pose. I have never done free motion quilting before, but that is what I'm doing around the outlines of the toy animals, and I think it suits the picture.
My back is aching so much lately that I haven't been able to cut fabric using the rotary cuuter at the table, so luckily I have a BOM from Calico Cross roads to do some stitching on, and I need to finish off Homepsun's BOM, "Life is a Celebration". That will require a trip to a fabric store to get some Whisperweft, so a trip of a few hundred kms! Maybe I'll google it!

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