Thursday, June 24, 2010

I really have to get up to date with some of my unfinished objects, or half-done things! I have almost finished the second "In Pops Garden" BOM, and then I will post a photo of both.
I also need to alter some maternity tops for my daughter as she found some real nice tops. They are lovely material, but the back hemline is really low, so she would look like Billy Connolly on tour if she wore them!
Also my partners Daughter in law asked me to knit a Bolero out of the Handmade mag. So I'll have to finish that off before summer!
As a Labour party supporter I feel drained after todays events which saw Kevin Rudd booted out. Used to take a Governor General to do the it is the next person in line! Just hope Julia does the right thing and not let the unions take over!

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  1. hey didnt tell me you had a blog?????? glad you are enjoying pops garden..and yes I agree with the politics wonders why we vote really?
    Looking forward to the pics